Bike Ride 4-13-13

I was thinking about hitting the trail this weekend for a hike, however the weather in Maine has been pretty crappy. Particularly yesterday which brought rain, sleet and even some snow for most of the day. Today’s weather pattern was clearing but still unsettled and I figured that the trails would probably be in crappy condition after the slop that fell yesterday. So begrudgingly, I decided to stay more local and closer to sea level.

Instead I decided to pull the bike out of the basement and pedal my way to one of my favorite spots in the area – the Scarborough Marsh. I practically grew up on the marsh and have many great memories of exploring it as a kid. Now it’s about a 25 mile round trip bike ride which makes it a perfect way to kill a few hours and get some exercise while I am at it. Riding along the Eastern Trail also makes it super safe and easy to get to.

The last time I did this was last summer after my surgeries when I was cleared for bike riding. I rode my bike to Old Orchard Beach and had a hell of a time doing it. I was anxious to see how I would fare now that I am 10% lighter and have exercised regularly. While I am definitely feeling my quads now (ouch!!) I was able to handle it much, much better. This gets me pumped up to know that I can handle some longer rides and look forward to doing some more to compliment my yoga and running as my primary training exercises.

All in all, it was a good day outside, even if I wasn’t on a mountain top. Tomorrow is yoga in the AM and perhaps a run in the afternoon if the weather holds.

note: you should definitely check out the Eastern Trail Alliance and East Coast Greenway. Both groups are doing amazing work in promoting and finding paths to connect communities safely for bikers and walkers. 


About Pathway To The Presidentials

My name is Chris and I am planning on hiking the White Mountains' Presidential Traverse in September 2013. I live in Maine. I am an early-30 something dude of sasquatchian proportions who loves the outdoors, loves hiking, and pushing myself mentally, spiritually and occasionally physically through various pursuits in an effort to learn about myself, others and the world around me.
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