Greetings! Welcome to my on-line accounting of my attempt to tackle the White Mountains’ famed Presidential Traverse! My goal is to accomplish this in September 2013.

Who am I? Where are the White Mountains? What is the Presidential Traverse? Why am I doing this? Why do you care?

All excellent questions.  Over the next six months I hope that together we can find answers to these questions.  In the mean time, here is a kick start to get us going:

Who Am I?

My name is Chris. I live in Maine. I am an early-30 something dude of sasquatchian proportions who loves the outdoors, loves hiking, and pushing myself mentally, spiritually and occasionally physically through various pursuits in an effort to learn about myself and others.

Noreen is my amazing wife who supports me in my crazy endeavors (even if she thinks I am nuts). I have a supportive family who has always encouraged me to travel my own path. I have the most amazing circle of friends and supporters who provide the infrastructure to think of ideas that range from randomly silly to outright lunacy. More importantly they help me execute those ideas and stand tall whether or not we succeed or fail.

Where are the White Mountains and what is the Presidential Traverse?

The White Mountains are a range of mountains in New Hampshire that extend into western Maine.  The White Mountains are home to several hundred miles of hiking trails across many dozens of mountains, mostly contained within the confines of the White Mountain National Forest. The epicenter of this adventure filled land is the Presidential Range which is comprised of the highest peaks in the range with Mt. Washington being the tallest at 6,288 feet.  These are not huge mountains by geological standards, especially when compared to the ranges in the western US. But, the White Mountains are formidable, providing some of the most grueling hikes in the eastern part of the country combined with unpredictable weather patterns and rugged terrain waiting to eat you up and spit you out.

Stretching across the Presidential Range is a hike of epic proportions called the Presidential Traverse.

The “Traverse” or “Presi” is approximately 23 miles long, hits the peaks of seven mountains all over 4,000 feet and has a net total of about 9,000 feet in vertical gain.  The goal for those who do the traverse is to do it in one day – about 16 hours.

Daunting. Ridiculous. Doable.



“Why” is one of the most powerful questions in the world. Fewer words exist that provoke so much thought.  In this case the answer is probably more complicated than it needs to be,  less profound than I think it is and can more than likely be summed up with a “because we can”.

But truth be told, there is more to it than that. And it is my hope that sharing my story over the next six months will help reveal some of those answers.

Why Do You Care?

That is one I can’t answer. Perhaps you are curious, perhaps you are intrigued. Perhaps you are looking for guidance in your own pursuit. Perhaps you just like to read random blogs for the hell of it.  But maybe, when we come out the other side of this together, maybe you will learn something from my experience.  Who knows, really. But I am glad that you stopped by.

I hope you’ll stick around to see how this unfolds.


Doing what I do best (photo by: Alison Violette)

Doing what I do best (photo by: Alison Violette)




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